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246 - Welcome To Blumhouse's Mireille Enos Interview

Launching on October the 6th is 'Welcome To Blumhouse' on Amazon Prime with four films across two weeks, first up is 'The Lie' and 'Black Box' then 'Evil Eye' and 'Nocturne' on the 13th.

Joey King, Peter Sarsgaard and Mireille Enos star in “The Lie,” written and directed by Veena Sud. In 'The Lie', two parents must deal with the grisly aftermath when their teenage daughter confesses to killing her best friend.

Lee is joined by Mireille Enos to discuss the making of the 'The Lie', working with cast to develop the family dynamic, working with writer/director Veena Sud, the Blumhouse brand and her connection to it, and much more.


 2020-10-05  10m