With this podcast we give our community the opportunity to get to know the Giraffe Heroes behind the foundation better by gaining deeper insight into their work. Thus you will have an opportunity of a direct encounter with these personalities sticking their necks out for the common good, fighting for the social issues that matter: justice, freedom, our environment. In our podcast, commended Giraffes are talking with us about the issues that count most for them and which drive them “To Stick their Necks Out” for our common good. We offer you a direct and often very personal "look" behind the scenes of their day to day activities. What made them start fighting for their local communities? How did they manage to cope with and overcome resistance? And yes, what concerns them and which dangers do they perceive as threatening the success of their struggle? Be inspired and have fun!


episode 4: Imaginal Cells

Giraffe Hero Chris Malins

Chris is an educator and researcher in sustainability issues with a special interest in how today’s separation of people from nature is affecting their ability to cope with conflict, this especially with a view to younger generations. And he has developed methods to remedy this situation by reengaging us with nature. With the help of our ongoing crowd-financing campaign Giraffes fighting for Climate Adaptation, Chris would like to prepare a series of online lectures so as to share his knowledge and experience with a wider audience thus attracting them to actually engage practically for positive change. Furthermore, Chris has profound knowledge about growing and protecting trees, something which will help greatly with the creation of our Bee and Wild Bee Reserve, which is planned to be created high up at the National Park Sierra Nevada.


Climate change, Trees Caterpillar , Holistic Education, Imaginal Cells Education, Kids, students, nature Bees. beekeeping, bee colonies “Giraffes fighting for Climate Adaptation” Giraffes for Ecology and Climate Adaptation Bees & Trees Initiative 2020 – Resilience against Viruses and Similar Hazards The Giraffe Heroes Project is soon to become 40 years old. Its mission is to commend and support personalities sticking their necks out and fighting for the social issues that matter: justice, freedom and our environment. For two years the Giraffe Heroes Foundation (GHF), devoted to European and Swiss Giraffes who stick their necks out for the common good, has been active from Basel. Together with the crowd funding platform wemakeit and the Impact Fund 2020/Climate, we are presenting our newest Initiative Giraffes Fighting for Climate Adaptation Bees and Tres Initiative. Giraffe Heroes Foundation Basel 2020 Featuring and supporting the Work of Five Heroes Environment. Bees, Trees Spain, Belgium, Switzerland Education, Activism People, Network A concrete way to make a difference Using Film to Inspire and Secure support for Climate action Reforesting Bringing the power of nature to reduce Global warming Join us, be part of it - Working, learning and contributing wherever you are Who are these Heroes? Louis de Cordier (COSCO), La Alpujarra, Spain Cosco has rediscovered the believed lost Labyrinth of Egypt and realized the unbelievable project Biblioteca del Sol, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where knowledge is to be stored for a future full of uncertainties. Now he is working to transform that area into a refugium for bees and humans alike. Giraffe Heroes Europe wants to help him with his work for the establishment of the first European Bee Conservatory which will create a refuge for endangered bees as well as for humans working with them. André Wermelinger, Fribourg, Switzerland The conventional way of keeping bees deprives the bees completely of their ability to adapt to environmental changes. As a result, very few natural populations exist anymore. André Wermelinger saw this problem, recognized its global implications, and set up a plan to solve the bee mortality crisis at its roots. Conventional bee-keepers wanted to have nothing of this and tried to ostracize André and his work. That has not stopped him. With his expertise, Cosco will be able to realise his vision for the European Bee Conservatory which will set new standards for healthy bee keeping and demonstrate its efficiency. Hendrik Haers, Bassevelde, Belgium In a team with Cosco and André, Hendrik will give strategy workshops to reach out to the population at large. He has given up his career as a veterinarian doctor to study bees and trees. Subsequently, he started on an activist planting spree to help create healthy environments for bees and humans alike. While transforming the village where he lives he gained substantial professional experience and is now engaging in community education. We are looking forward to have him talking to you, with the goal to empower people across Europe to follow his example. Chris Malins, La Alpujarra, Spain. Chris has developed educational perspectives on current conventional global practices that affect bees and address the wider questions of Human Sustainability. His goal is to establish an online platform for his ‘Green Transitions Programm’ to bring his experience and knowledge to all of us. He has chosen to devote his life to work and fight for Human Sustainability through the development and practices of ‘Nature-Based Holistic Education’. Chris participated in the founding and improvement of local schools. Also he has proven, as an academic researcher, that kids who have lost touch with nature will naturally encounter increasing psychological stress. Dimi Dumortier, Rotselaar, Belgium Artist, Social Worker, Activist…Dimi is a genius in his own right amongst our Giraffe Heroes and for sure one of the most lovable persons you might come to know. He uses his talents, guts and courage for people as well as for bees and the climate crisis. Last year we ran a successful campaign for his movie-in-the-making Not Your Bee. Now we are asking you to help us to make it possible for him to support our campaign as an expert documentarist and more than that, a loving partner in our work at large. While these Five are struggling for their causes where they are right now, the Giraffes Fighting for Climate Adaptation Initiative will create a joint platform to amplify their reach providing each of us the opportunity to become part of their efforts. Our focus is on Bees, Trees and our Environment and all five have something unique to offer. You can be part of it. You should be part of it. You have to be part of it Giraffes Fighting for Climate Adaptation An initiave of the Giraffe Heroes Foundation. Fight with our Heroes, fight with us THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO JOIN HANDS!! Varroa mite: Varroa destructor is an external parasitic mite that attacks and feeds on the honey bees Apis cerana and Apis mellifera. The disease caused by the mites is called varroosis. The Varroa mite can reproduce only in a honey bee colony. It attaches to the body of the bee and weakens the bee by sucking fat bodies.,age%20from%2055%20to%2065. The ways we can solve that are techniques of agroforestry and include nature in the farming process. Something you as an individual are not able to change. But together with a working group they’re trying to convince people to change this, to plant more trees, to plant more flowers. “Yes we can” was an organization called the “moss group”, a group planting forests. Through this group I got active as a guerrilla gardener. Our big garden in the center of Bassevelde is a kind of oasis within the green desert – so our goal is to increase our garden to the surroundings and increase the amount of food. The problem is bees fly up to three km so you have to create an awareness with the people of the village – that they help to provide more food. We try also to create awareness. Then also to convince people to plant trees in their gardens. So people can help if they only plant one tree in their garden. There’s an educational component to it also. We try to teach children, go to schools and create a conscience, how important nature is and that a bee is not something dangerous that stings you but something important for everyone. Usually children from inside don’t have this fear – it’s because we tell them so. Big beehive on the tree – we invite the bees – difference to classic beekeeping Especially in a green desert like this the idea is to leave the honey to them – to create a home for them, because there’s not enough for them. Bees like to live in hollow trees -but there are none anymore…So idea of the hängekorb is to invite the bee swarms. The only thing we do is to see if there’s honey to know if we have to feed them – otherwise they would die. But we don’t treat them again deseases nothing – and they manage to survive these – as long as we feed them, because there’s not enough plants. How comes the fascination with bees? First learned about the beekeeping and all the treatment and started to have beehives. Then got a bit disappointed but then learned about natural beehives and realized there is a way not to have so much loss and that it works without treating so then I liked it. Now I have too many hives for this green desert. So I have to think about if I should stop feeding them so by natural selection the ones who are more resilient to an area with less food will survive. What is your hope, what do you want to achieve if this campaign goes through? Overall awareness. By putting the hives, showing the people how it works. That’s what we want to use the money for – to increase the awareness inside the village counselors and also to fight against vandalism. Then the politics argue well, look, they don’t want trees, they take them away. We have to ask the people. The one thing I would change immediately if I could is reorganize the green department who’s there to supposingly organize the green areas etc. – and also invest in this green areas – not only do spots for building, but really create green spots and so on. As a village council buy all the green spots and plant things there. Message to the crowd: plant plant plant Guerrilla gardeners tend to work wherever a natural presence is needed. Sometimes they work outside of the legal system. Guerrilla gardening is a global ecological movement that focusses on caring for neglected public space. Welcome to Stick your Neck Out! The Podcast to restore your faith in Humanity. Every Tuesday you´re going to get the chance to get to know one of the Giraffe Heroes, who they are and what they fight for. We are going to present you Inspiring Stories of People Saving Our World, making it better. My name is Yampier Aguiar Duranona and my guest today is Giraffe Hero Hendrik Haers. A veterinarian who became a Tree and Bee activist. Greeting Hendrik Haers you gave up your doctor carrier to engage yourself in the struggle to sustain bees and trees, first and foremost in your local community. You are fighting in Bassevelde, a small rural municipality in the north-west of Belgium, to make an all-inclusive habitat for people, bees and trees alike by all possible means. Hendrik is a green activist, a guerrilla gardner. Frage….2 in der Aufnahme Thank you, Hendrik, for your visit. Next week Tom Amat is going to be talking to Chris Malins, a Giraffe hero who is a teacher and researcher and has been developing holistic nature-based educational ideas for teachers and children for over a decade. He also has a special interest in tree morphology and overall his educational work focuses on the importance of experiential interactions with nature for kids and adults alike. They are also going to be talking about Chris´s Green transitioning Program. Dear listeners, our Nature is at risk – through exploitation and climate change. Therefore The Giraffe heroes Foundation is fighting for climate adaptation and the regeneration of a healthy environment: we start at community level and with practical skills, naturalizing villages with trees and plants, reinvigorating the bees, teaching the crafts and the arts necessary in our times. With YOUR HELP we can give this work a greater impact and make it the start of a paradigm change. We are inviting you to come on board, be part of this struggle for the common goal, to keep the planet a human affair. If you want to be part of it, go to, look for our Project: Climate Adaptation: the bees and tree initiative and have a look at the great rewards you can get while supporting us. That’s it for today. You were listening Stick your neck Out! The Podcast to restore your faith in Humanity. I´m Yampier Aguiar Durañona. We are proud to share every week inspirational stories from remarkable individuals. Stories that come from many different places. We want to hear your stories, too. If you'd like to tell us about your front-line hero, visit us at You´ll find the Giraffe Heroes Stories every Tuesday on Spotify, iTunes, our Homepage and every other place, where you hear your podcasts. Join us on our Social Media, We´re on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Join us again next week! Welcome to the Podcast to Restore your faith in Humanity. Welcome to Stickyour neck out! This week i´m your Host, Yampier Aguiar Duranona. The Giraffe Heroes Foundation has engaged for climate adaptation and the regeneration of a healthy environment. We have started a Crowdfunding Campaing. This campaign shall be the first in a series of events through which a wider audience shall be brought into the fold of a growing movement for a healthier, more resilient environment. Six personalities from Switzerland, Belgium and Spain join hands for a common cause: ecology and climate adaptation. With YOU, we want to support their fight and amplify their impact.

We are proud to share every week inspirational stories from remarkable individuals. Stories that come from many different places. Each Giraffe's story is unique with the underlying theme of overcoming challenges present in all. Take a look at each individual experience, and although each person is different, they all have one thing in common: Heroism. We want to hear your stories, too. If you'd like to tell us about your front-line hero, visit us at You´ll find the Giraffe Heroes Stories every Tuesday on Spotify, iTunes, our Homepage and every other place, where you hear your podcasts Join us again next week!

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