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episode 228: Weapons of Mathewson Destruction

MEP EP#228: Weapons of Mathewson Destruction
William Mathewson

  • An entrepreneur, electrical engineer, and user experience designer for his company William Mathewson Devices otherwise known as WMD
  • Began WMD in 2007
  • Designed over seventy products that inspire artists and sound designers throughout the music industry
Starting A Hardware Manufacturing Company
  • The name WMD
  • How did William arrive at deciding to start WMD?
  • What do y'all do at WMD?
    • The story? How did it all start?
      • Pedals to modular synth
    • Products
      • Fatman Envelope Filter
      • Geiger Counter Distortion
      • Protostar
    • Services
  • Manufacturing Business
    • Hardware is Hard
    • How did this begin?
    • How did you build this service?
  • Best thing about it all
  • Worst thing about it all
    • War stories
  • The future?


 2020-06-10  49m