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episode 229: Get Cute This Weekend

MEP EP#229: Get Cute This Weekend

  • Brewery Lives!
    • Test boil and Process
    • Issues with the current iteration of the brewery
    • What is next
      • Take Inventory of Brew Equipment
      • Spare parts
      • Storage on cart
      • Clean and Fire up Fermentation chamber
      • Clean the brewery
      • Ingredients
      • BREW
    • Future?
      • Motorized valves to simplify the fluid transfer process
      • Drains at bottom of vessels?
      • Better way to change set points on the PID controllers?
  • A/C window unit Wine Chiller
    • Parker Kool 2800
    • Issues and gotchas for future
  • My (Stephen's) Jelly Project
    • Cutting panels tomorrow
    • Two cncs at Stephen's disposal
      • That is unfair!
    • Inkscape/Corel Draw for component layout
    • Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM


 2020-06-17  57m