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The Mike Missanelli Show 10-7-2020

Mike goes into the latest with NFL and its ongoing COVID outbreak. Will the league even get through the entire season because of this crisis (0:00-13:00) Mike then starts to take your calls (13:00-34:12) Mike, Tyrone and Natalie then discuss the impact of Van Halen and the loss of Legendary Guitarist Eddie Van Halen (34:12-44:50) Next, Mike and the gang talk about the most overrated bands of all time (44:50-103:56) Tim McManus then joins the show to give his Eagles Mid Week Report (1:03:56-1:16:52) More of your calls in the next segment (1:16:52-1:25:32) Next, at the midway point, we head to our Fanatic Football Pool Contest (1:25:32-1:40:47) NFL Network’s James Palmer then joins the show to discuss the latest on the NFL’s COVID crisis (1:40:47-2:02:06) More of your calls and we find out which iconic movie character is a functioning alcoholic (2:02:06-2:07:17) Next, the notorious 5:00 hour begins (2:07:17-2:25:44) Last chance to get your calls in (2:25:44-2:38:05) Sound Off Concludes the show (2:38:05-2:47:27)

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 2020-10-08  2h47m