Countdown Podcast

Frank und Christopher berichten alle zwei Wochen (so ungefähr) über Neuigkeiten aus der Raumfahrt. Sie legen den Schwerpunkt auf Technik, also Raketen, Satelliten usw., aber halten euch auch über die großen Entwicklungen im New Space Business, Raumfahrt-Politik und -Kultur auf dem Laufenden. Es erwarten euch ausführliche Besprechungen, spannende Details und rumgenerde "where no nerd has nerded before".


episode 129: CD097 Apollo 2.0

oder: Artemis 0.5 Shownotes

  • Are we in the midst of a new space race? – podcast
  • Sparc macht Fusionsforschung kleiner, billiger und schneller
  • Bankruptcy court approves OneWeb sale
  • A New Chinese Broadband Satellite Constellation
  • NASA safety panel raises doubts about Starliner test flight schedule
  • NASA is about to launch an upgraded microgravity toilet to the International Space Station
  • Boldly Go! NASA’s New Space Toilet Offers More Comfort, Improved Efficiency for Deep Space Missions
  • Pooping in space is a real mess!
  • Axiom finalizing agreements for private astronaut mission to space station
  • Astra pitches larger rocket, suborbital cargo-delivery plan to Air Force
  • Multiple subglacial water bodies below the south pole of Mars unveiled by new MARSIS data
  • Small air leak on space station traced to Russian service module
  • HyImpulse hybrid rocket motor roars to life for the first time
  • How SpaceX's New Raptor Vacuum Engine Is Different From Previous Raptors (and Other Stuff)
  • First direct observation of exoplanet ? Pictoris c
  • UAE starts Lunar Mission project, names rover as ‘Rashid’
  • NASA signs agreement with Italy to cooperate on Artemis
  • 80-billion-yen budget request in the works for lunar probe
  • NASA’s Lunar Exploration Program Overview
  • German startup Rocket Factory Augsburg picks Norway for maiden flight of RFA One smallsat launcher
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg signs agreement with Andøya Space for maiden flight
  • Rocket Factory Augsburg and CNES work towards launch site implementation in Kourou
  • Satish Dhawan
  • Lessons in leadership from Satish Dhawan
  • Podcast: Mission to ISRO
  • Indiens Griff nach den Sternen


 2020-10-08  2h7m