Chicane Presents Sun:Sets

From the originator of Trance, Chicane presents Sunsets, a monthly series of tracks that lead straight from the beach to the dancefloor. Chill to kill. Produced by


Chicane Sun:Sets Vol 311

Whilst Chicane completes the final preparations for the new album. We take a look at some of the favourite soundtracks from the Sun:Set family. Including music from: Annie Lennox, All Saints, Elder Island, Giles Lamb, Le Matos, Will Morton and many more.

1. Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL - Time Gone By
Chosen by Lars in Breme and Taken from the Netflix series “White Line”

2. Sufjan Stevens - Call Me By Your Name
Chosen by Charles in Putney and taken from the film “Mystery of Love”

3. Giles Lamb - Dead Island Theme
Chosen by Gavin in London and taken from the game “Dead Island”

4. Khruangbin - The Number 4
Chosen by Ryan in Letchworth and taken from a Corona Beer advert

5. Apparat - Goodbye
Chosen by Sam in Hong Kong and taken from the Netflix series “Dark”

6. Henry Jamison · Still Life
Chosen by Carl in Lancashire

7. Yugo Kanno - A Dream
Chosen by David in Australia take from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind

8. Le Matos - Last Breath
Chosen by Josh in Southend and taken from the film “Turbo Kid”

9. Frou Frou - Let Go
Chosen by David in Melbourne and taken from the movie Garden State

10. Will Morton - Your Light
Chosen by Brendan in Maidenhead and taken from the game “Lost Ember”

11. Annie Lennox - Into The West
Chosen by Pru in New Zealand and taken from “the Lord of The Rings”

12. Chad Lawson - Islands
Chosen by Chris in Newport and taken from the podcast “Lore”

13. M83 - Oblivion (feat. Susanne Sundfør)
Chosen by Graham in Uxbridge and taken from the film “Oblivion”

14. All Saints - Pure Shores
Chosen by James in South Wales and taken from the film “The Beach”

15. Elder Island - Golden
Chosen by Martin in Montreal and taken from the film “
Les Trois Mousquetaires”


 2020-10-09  1h0m