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The Mike Missanelli Show 10-9-2020

On this Football Friday, Mike discusses the curious situation the Eagles are in. Can they be a legitimate team before our eyes against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday? Mike, Tyrone and Natalie also discuss the rematch between Nick Foles and Tom Brady last night, and the rematch will last throughout the entire show today, even though the actual game is over (0:00-14:16) Mike and the gang delve more into Tom Brady refusing to shake Nick Foles’ hand (14:16-35:46) Next, Mike discusses the privileges G.O.A.T.s have compared to other athletes (35:46-43:17) Next, Baseball Hall of Famer and MLB Writer for The Athletic Jayson Stark joins the show on the Comcast Business Hotline (43:17-1:05:59) More of your calls and the Foles-Brady war (1:05:59-1:18:13) Mike, Tyrone, and Natalie then compare the G.O.A.T.s of sports (1:18:13-1:26:49) Brian Westbrook then joins the show as he does each and every Friday to give his perspective on the Foles-Brady discussion (1:26:49-1:46:04) Next, Mike and Brian give their fearless selections for the weekend (1:46:04-1:57:07) Mike and Brian then take your calls to analyze the Foles and Brady debacle (1:57:07-2:07:35) Next, the Notorious 5:00 hour begins, and the Foles-Brady debate continues (2:07:35-2:26:36) Finally, FINALLY,  WE CONCLUDE THE DEBATE! (2:26:36-2:38:50) Oh wait, just kidding! The Debate Continues on Sound Off! (2:38:50-2:46:49)

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 2020-10-10  2h46m