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episode 5: Pause 4 Applause Podcast Vol1_05 The Redefinition of Real Man

We got heavy early in today’s episode of @pause4applausepodcast! Kicked it off by previewing Benny the Butcher’s new single “Timeless” produced by Hitboy (3:10). Knotts shares his favorite mixtape of all time, DJ Doowop’s “95 Live Part 2″ and why real friends are so important to keep (6:15). Which pivoted to us to the main topic of the week, How do you define being a Real Man?” (7:20) In Hip Hop Gives Back news we share the new info on Greenwood Bank and mobile app, purposely created for Black and Latino communities. (17:49) Will tries to reneg after losing his bet that the Heat wouldn’t win one game in the NBA Finals and Jimmy Butler’s epic Game 3 performance vs Lebron James (31:30) Colin Kaepernick publishes a vital editorial piece, “Fuck Reform” on current state and abolishing the police. (42:50) Prayers for Scarface and his search for a kidney donor. (48:20) And this week’s #ManifestMoment gets more serious about “What percentage of Black Vote will turn out this November. (1:01:45) We think you’ll really enjoy our views on this one! #Pause4ApplausePodcast Watch us Live every Thursday 6-7:30PM


 2020-10-11  1h11m