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How To Master Your Mind And Tap Into The Most Powerful Tool In The Universe – John Assaraf (Ep. 297)

John Assaraf, NYT bestselling author, leading mindset and behavior expert, and a key contributor to the megahit movie and book The Secret, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode John talks about how the law of attraction really works, the true power of our minds, and how we can properly train our brains to perform at levels we only imagined. He discusses the importance of knowing how your brain really works, the top daily exercises to train your brain, and how to harness that untapped potential you’ve had for decades. John talks psychology, daily routines, metaphysics, law of attraction, self-mastery, and more. If you’re wondering how to tap into and master the power of your mind, check this episode out now!        

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In our episode we go over:

  • How John got featured in the mega-hit movie The Secret and the book by the same name
  • How the law of attraction actually works John’s issues with the movie
  • The Secret and what he didn’t like about it
  • What John thought was great about The Secret and what it’s producer Rhonda Byrne did well
  • Taking action on your goals and what you focus on and how manifesting something actually works
  • The fact that people can do almost anything nowadays by following a guide on YouTube or something similar
  • The metaphysical side to how the law of attraction works
  • Believing things we cannot see with our own two eyes
  • The power of the brain and how to optimize the function of your brain
  • Being in coherence with your intentions and desires
  • Why John wrote the book Innercise and why so many people need it
  • Mastering the most important tool in the known universe
  • The fact that we all have the same brains physically, but not genetically
  • Optimizing your God-given abilities and learning how to perform at your best with the tools you have
  • How older people can optimize their brains
  • Why John’s been brushing his teeth with his left hand for over a year as opposed to his normal, right hand
  • How to overcome the natural avoidance of change
  • Taking control of discipline in your life
  • What the law of 1,000 tells us about repetition and starting or breaking new and old patterns
  • Speeding up the process of changing your habits and behaviors in life
  • Having a strong reason for getting a goal accomplished
  • The importance of awareness when it comes to optimal brain function
  • Turning on the right areas of your brain for the proper situations and times

Check out John on:

Website: myneurogym.com

Website:  brainathon123.com

Instagram: instagram.com/johnassaraf


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 2020-10-13  1h9m