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episode 158: r/changemyview Part I, and Brad Pitt smells bad but also maybe good according to u/myfreeday's wife

CMV : Brad Pitt Looks Like He Smells Like An Old Bottle of Brut. That is the kind of stuff you will find on the absolute powerhouse of a subreddit r/changemymind, where truly civilized debate takes places among the many perspectives that walk the halls of RedditHS. In this, part 1 of our look at r/changemy view, we explore some of the culture behind the very popular sub, some of the commentary, and set the stage for a second episode focussed on our own CMVs (hint, u/itsyerdad's went slightly viral this week). Plus, a brief mention of Pence's fly, and an alternate theory to the Pit bread empire's testy family drama.

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 2020-10-13  1h3m