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episode 10: Interview with our CEO Ebba Ljungerud - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

The Paradox Podcast is back with a new episode!

For this mid-season occasion, we’ve invited our CEO Ebba Ljungerud to answer some of your questions!

Some of the questions on today’s agenda:
How do we balance our company’s growth with the gameplay depth of our games and the mainstream expectations?
How do we decide when to discontinue a game, and what factors, aside from sales, determine that?
How are our recent mergers working out for us?
What have we learned from CK3’s success?
What is our take on Unions and Crunch in the games industry?
How big should Paradox grow, and is there an end goal?
What is Ebba’s normal day at work like, and her experience as a CEO?

0:15 – Introduction
1:20 – What we’ve been playing
5:04 – Q&A session with Ebba Ljungerud
45:37 – Wrapping up

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Thank you for listening! See you in the next Paradox Podcast episode, in 2 weeks!

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 2020-10-14  46m