Useless Wisdom

What do you get when you throw a deep thinking, business minded content creator in a room with a quick witted, family oriented administrator carrying a troubled past? Apparently a philosophy podcast with life stories, thought-provoking chatter, edgy gaffs and obviously Useless Wisdom


episode 17: #17 - How Ego Affects Donut Man's Self Confidence

It's quite difficult to keep your ego under check and not allow yourself to get stuck so far up your own a$$. When you tell yourself "I’m really good at this", that inherently makes you hold yourself to an impossible standard and doesn’t allow you to pinpoint or determine if your actually good at it. It's okay to admit this. It doesn't mean that you're an a$$hole. It just means it's time to change your way of thinking so you don't have such a fear of making mistakes.

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[00:25] Why listen?

[01:33] Question for Jamie: How is stay-at-home, teach yourself and learn nothing college going?

[03:14] Low exposure? High exposure? Live your life? Die.

[06:23] How certain countries handle the pandemic.

[07:13] Weird Alert! Difficulty keeping my ego under check

[09:16] Is it really self-confidence or something else??

[11:54] Understanding your feelings is crucial to healthy self-love and relationships

[13:26] Entertainer or Attention seeker?

[18:19] Will learning to be a quieter person result in your words carrying more weight?

[19:22] Question to Jamie: Why did you get so mad this morning before I went to work when I

hollered to you for some toilet paper?

[21:17] Subtitled vs. Dubbed Anime

[26:06] Knowledge and Awareness are equivocal in nature

[27:11] To be in the top 1%, you have to do what 99% of the world doesn't do???

[29:19] Thoughts on why Brandon should come back or stay off the podcast?

[29:38] Overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to join the podcast

[30:44] Help needed or self-checking for this podcast success???



 2020-10-17  35m