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episode 378: Understanding The Rhythm, Time & Culture | Dirty Disco #378.

At Dirty Disco we are heavily addicted to music and the culture. Music is not only the one universal language of the world. It also gives us so much more in terms of memories, emotions, feelings and a lot of good times. Next to that music can inspire us, give us strength, heal our wounds and help us get through difficult times.

Understanding the rhythm, time & culture in these strange times.

Talking about strange and difficult times, we are in exactly the middle of a very rare era where a virus dominates our lives and is changing the future and the way we do things. One of the things it changes is the way we listen to music. With all the clubs closed, or still open but with a lot of restrictions, the way we interact with these happenings changes how we listen to music. To understand why this is happening and what exactly is different than before understanding the rhythm, time and culture is essential.

Without getting in too deep on the subject. The (electronic) music scene among many other scenes and industries suffers a lot from Covid-19. You don’t have to be an expert to see that. To know how people actually are suffering from the corona situation understanding the rhythm, time and culture is a way to do that so you’ll see and learn where the scene comes from, how everything is builded up and why music is essential in our daily lives.

With Dirty Disco I hope to give you inspiration through music and words. Not only to find great music to listen to. Whether you use it as a DJ, Professional or music lover. But also to give you strength to get your through these crazy times. I hope my music shows find you, if it already did, feel free to spread the word. Without further a due, let’s get into this week’s music show episode Dirty Disco 378.

Dirty Disco 378 is filled with:

* 24 new tracks from various EP’s and albums within the electronic music scene.* 5 Albums from: Kisk, Foals, Pools, Bicep, Cosmo’s Midnight.* 8 Promo’s on labels like: Batavia Records, Cracki Records, Deeplomatic, Ninja Tune & 96 Musique.* 12 tracks are pressed on vinyl and available as a 12” including the collected reworks album by Foals which is available as a stunning colored 3 x 12”* 6 tracks are remixes of the original.* This full selection of 24 tracks is mixed up into one with seamless transitions DJ mix with a length of 2 hours, ranging from 100 BPM until 130 BPM. Guided by me as your host and curator, but also available as a DJ (music only) mix on Mixcloud for my members.

Full Track listing and music information.

This week’s selection is a combination of various subgenres within the electronic music genre. Starting out with some layered and sampled beat formats, bringing in a lot of jazz sounds through the mix. Varying with future electronica, Nu Disco, a bunch of Deep and Disco House music to top things off with real laid back Deep vibes and a touch of that 90’s French House vibe.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateVinyl?PoolsSunned (Intro)SunnedRazor N TapeAlbum30-9-2012”KiskMy WaxJazzynessApparel MusicAlbum5-10-2012”FoalsMiami (diskJokke Version)Collected ReworksWarner Music UKAlbum16-10-203×12”Somethin DeepAn Angel Of AbyssDistinct PerceptionsBatavia RecordsEP23-10-20Somethin DeepFinding MyselfDistinct PerceptionsBatavia RecordsEP23-10-20O’FlynnPainted Wolf (K-Lone Remix)Aletheia RemixesSilver Bear RecordingsEP6-10-20MangabeyLunar Flight (Flight Piano Edit)Illu...


 2020-10-19  2h4m