Real Synthetic Audio is the most listened to EBM and Industrial net-radio show.


RSA 10/19/2020

Made some slight changes to the audio encoding of RSA for this week. I'm curious to see if anyone notices the difference. But I've artificially held myself back for years out of a weirdly misplaces sense of "ethics" and I've come to the conclusion I was being overly sensitive to a non-existent issue. So, changes. But what hasn't changed is a tonne of great new music with...

Sea Of Sin - Turn Back (Mesh)
Fused - Countdown Red (Viking Lander Club)
Prometheus Flame - Magic Spell (Rotersand)
State Of The Union - Rise Up! (Short)
Menschdefekt - Empty World (SITD)
X Marks The Pedwalk - Transformind
11 Grams - Artificial Lifeforms (Psy'Aviah)
First Aid 4 Souls - Dreambox (Club Mix)


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