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Tired of wondering where your next lead will come from? What if you had a reliable, and predictable, source of new potential customers coming into your sales funnel each month? This is Predictable Prospecting and here I'll show you how some of the best sales leaders in the industry are creating consistent, and measurable procedures to bring in fresh, qualified leads to their sales funnels each and every month.


Episode 152: What You Need to Know About Following Up - Jeff Shore

Following up is a vital part of the sales process that is often overlooked. Are you following up when you should be? What are the best strategies for following up? What method of follow up is most popular – and is the most popular method really the best method? To learn more, listen to today’s episode in which you’ll hear from Jeff Shore, who’s recently released a book geared toward giving you the information that you need to know about the importance of and best practices for follow up.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Why Jeff wrote his new book, Follow Up and Close the Sale
  • How the book is organized
  • What follow up isn’t
  • What follow up is for
  • How follow up shows customers how much we care
  • The strategy of follow up
  • Why email shouldn’t be the number one method of follow up
  • Jeff’s definition of the lead conversion hour
  • How to get immersed in the follow up process
  • The story of Bill Porter
  • The knee of the curve


Follow Up and Close the Sale: Make Easy (and Effective) Follow-Up Your Winning Habit


 2020-10-20  32m