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Episode 415: Latif Nasser

Latif Nasser co-hosts Radiolab. He also hosted The Other Latif and the Netflix documentary series Connected.

“It’s so easy to hate everything and be cynical. There’s a kind of ease to that. It takes a lot more courage to go up in front of everybody and be like, This is awesome. I love this. That takes a lot of guts, I think.”

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Show notes:


  • @latifnasser
  • 02:00 The Other Latif (WNYC Studios • 2020)
  • 02:00 Connected (Netflix • 2020)
  • 09:00 "Dust" from Connected (Netflix • 2020)
  • 09:00 "Digits" from Connected (Netflix • 2020)
  • 18:00 "A Clockwork Miracle" (Radiolab • 2012)
  • 22:00 "Smile My Ass" (Radiolab • Oct 2015)
  • 28:00 "The World’s Biggest Scavenger Hunt: A Guide To Finding Stories" (Transom • Nov 2018)


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 2020-10-21  54m