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The Maverick Teams is a boutique consulting firm founded by Maverick Levy. This podcast will focus on all the ventures that Maverick Levy and the team are associated with. This show will be full of education, inspiration, and entertainment as Maverick brings on guests to chat with. This is The Best of The Best Podcast: Presented By The Maverick Teams!


episode 9: EPISODE 9 - EVERYTHING BUYING/LEASING/SELLING A CAR ft. Syed Ahmed (Partner of Platinum Motorcars Detroit)

This is Episode 9 of The Best of the Best: Maverick's Guide To Success with Maverick Levy & today he's here to discuss: Sh!t that's not taught in school, the giveaway winner & more. Then it's an honor & privilege to have Syed Ahmed on the show to discuss: Where he grew up & went to school, Gold Rush Rally, his interest in cars, what he went to school for, selling his first car, founding Platinum Motorcars Detroit, the car buying process, comparing cars & where to look for cars, price points, pre-owned versus used, leasing & buying a car, borrowing & credit in today's economy, financing & down payments on a car, negotiations, timeframes, vehicle history reports, individual sellers versus brand sellers, getting past failures, the value of building relationships, being rational, what he wish he knew in his early 20's & more. 

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 October 22, 2020  51m