We started in 2016 with sound pieces using field recordings in podcasts for a Bucharest sound ecology: the exploration/recording/transformation/transmission of urban intimate memories. Older pieces here, do just that! Newer sound submissions though, make us want to leave the city and the documentary, get lost in illusion/fiction/drama, based just as well in field recording: forms that stimulate stories that transmit that listening state. Of course, it’s just radio, our only medium to theorize and practice listening for space & story, remotely!


Marseille-Tokyo-Osaka-Bucharest. A sound stop-over in Japan, in between homes

Marseille-Tokyo. It starts almost like a game, I’m looking for plane tickets as I don’t know what else to do. I try other destinations, Taipei, Seoul, but they work less well. Tokyo rhymes with everything, even with a return to Bucharest. Marseille-Tokyo-Osaka-Bucharest is surely a more interesting story to tell than Marseille-Bucharest. By taking this trip, I have, at least, the merit of having chosen a good title for my story.


 2020-10-22  2m