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episode 13: WTKA Roundtable 10/22/2020: One Way to Spin It

Things discussed:

  • Minnesota? Their 11-win season was a bit of a mirage. Their offensive coordinator is still PJ Fleck, right? Breakdown on Minnesota's offense: Ricky Rahne situation? Michael Barrett's debut against RPOs is iffy, DTs living against doubles iffy. Minnesota's front seven and safeties iffy and pass protection also iffy.
  • Never punt?
  • How Big XII are Big Ten offenses going to be?
  • How many Oklahoma State guys can we name?
  • Our big questions. Sam's is the secondary, cornerback specifically. Brian wants to know offensive distribution. Seth wonders what their offensive identity is going to be after a year when they started an option read team and ended up a pin & pull team. Craig takes the interior defensive line.
  • By the way CR, the Chris Perry screen game was pretty good but your point is well taken.


 2020-10-22  52m