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Dovetales Debut Show With Robert Diaz Jr.

Welcome to the premeire show of Dovetales with Robert Diaz Jr. , better known as Robby Newborn, a man of God who is passionate about encouraging and empowering the youth through being a Team Leader as an Evangelistic Christian Rapper. Robert is the Founder of GDT Walk It Out Ministry specializing in Drug Prevention & Intervention. Robert's life wasn't always so easy, and before he surrendered his life over to Jesus Christ he lived a life on the streets; a testimony that he will share which will leave you breathless. Dovetales is a show that will make you think about who you could encounrage and empower along the way so, join me with Robert as he shares his powerful life experience. To weigh in on our topic call 646-668-8485 press 1 to be live on the air or download the stitcher app on your mobile device or click on link here. 


 2016-04-03  1h2m