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James Richardson and the Totally Football Show team are here three times a week for the 2020/21 season. On Mondays, it's the Premier League; on Tuesdays, we're all about Europe; and on Thursdays, we'll wrap up everything from midweek and look ahead to the weekend


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Leeds’ breakout performance of the season came at Villa Park on Friday night, with Patrick Bamford appearing Bergkamp-esque. And he played the violin. What other players have secret skills? Chelsea finally tighten up at Old Trafford while leaders Everton suffer their first defeat. Has this Man City stagnation been coming? How worrying is Arsenal’s lack of creativity? Plus is football pure televisual spectacle right now? Do the fans demand more quality as a result? And this week it’s the turn of Barcelona to lurch into crisis as they lose El Clasico. But at least they’re not VVV-Venlo. RUNNING ORDER:    • PART 1: Paying tribute to Kevin McCarra (01m 00s) • PART 2a: Arsenal 0-1 Leicester (05m 30s)  • PART 2b: Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds & player’s surprise skills (10m 00s) • PART 3a: Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea (19m 00s)  • PART 3b: West Ham 1-1 Man City (27m 00s) • PART 4a: Liverpool 2-1 Sheff Utd (34m 00s) • PART 4b: Southampton 2-0 Everton (37m 00s) • PART 4c: The rest of the weekend’s action (42m 00s)  • PART 5: The odds with Lee Price from Paddy Power (50m 00s) • PART 6: Real Madrid win El Clasico with Alvaro Romeo (51m 30s)    SIGN UP TO THE ATHLETIC AND GET 30% OFF: •   GET IN TOUCH: • follow us on Instagram ( • find us on Facebook ( • send us a tweet: @TheTotallyShow (   PARISH NOTICES: • we’re sponsored by Paddy Power - home of the Money Back Special (   READ STUFF ON OUR WEBSITE: • check out ( .

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 2020-10-26  1h2m