Real Synthetic Audio is the most listened to EBM and Industrial net-radio show.


RSA 10/26/2020

More changes made to the quality of the MP3 file that you folks enjoy each week. No-one really noticed much difference last week (which I suspected would be the case) but you should enjoy the fidelity much more this week! But aside from the technical stuff, we've got an amazing new show for everyone this week!

Vyrtual Zociety - Existence (Generative)
Dunkelsucht - Die Sterne Sehen (Solar Fake)
11 Grams - Infestation-C (Red This Forever)
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 - Doctor Dread (Implant)
Terrolokaust - God Loves The Violence
Gentleman Junkie - Sin And Pleasure
Twice A Man - Naked (Edit)
Les Anges De La Nuit - If You Ever (Ideophobia)


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