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episode 258: Porn Addiction

Joshua and Ryan talk about sex and porn addiction—how to recognize it, how to break it—and, conversely, even the possible positive attributes of porn with director, media personality, and adult film star Lisa Ann, and they answer the following questions:

Is porn addiction a recognized addiction? (03:40)

How do we better restrict our children’s access to porn? (06:40)

Do we overmoralize porn? (09:20)

Is porn addiction just a matter of self control? (11:00)

Why is Gen Z statistically having the least sex of any generation? (11:40)

What are the pros and cons of porn? (13:49)

Are there age limits for adult film stars? (20:20)

Can a minimalist approach to viewing porn enhance a relationship? (21:15)

How does libido play into relationships? (21:50)

How important is communication in a sexual relationship? (25:39)

What are your thoughts on the difference between guilt and shame being a primary trigger to lead someone to become addicted to porn? (30:01)

How does age affect porn addiction? (43:48)

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 2020-10-27  54m