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To sponsor the podcast, contact Keith directly. Thoughts, ideas, and commentary on the art of photography by Nashville-based professional fine art photographer Keith Dotson. It's the podcast about fine art photography made by a working fine art photographer. This podcast is written for photographers, photography collectors, photography students, and enthusiasts. Support this podcast:


episode 3: What do Quentin Tarantino and French President Macron have in common with a dung beetle?

What Do Quentin Tarantino and President Macron Have in Common with a Dung Beetle? 

  • In this episode:
  • What is fine art photography?
  • The overwhelming power of Instagram
  • Artsy's new research into what motivates art collectors
  • The stunning micro photography of British photographer Levon Biss


Is Instagram Now a Ballet Dancer’s Best Pathway to Fame?

6 Key Factors Driving Art Collectors - from Aesthetics to Investment

Levon Biss Ted Talk

Levon Biss high-resolution images you can explore in detail at

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 2019-12-06  14m