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Heavy Networking 546: Making Zero Trust Remote Access Work (Sponsored)

Let’s talk about trust–or more accurately, the lack of it. Zero trust is the notion that just because someone has tunneled a VPN to your front door, you shouldn’t have to give them full access to everything on the network.
A zero trust model is supposed to give you more fine-grained control around who gets access to what, based on criteria you choose, including the user, the device, location, application type, whether that app is on premises or in the cloud, and so on.
The problem is that while zero trust may sound good, it can be difficult to implement. In this episode we dive into the tricky bits of zero trust, and figure out ways to make it feasible in your environment. Our guest is Jay Klauser, VP of Worldwide Sales Engineering & Alliances at NetMotion. NetMotion is our sponsor for today’s show.
We discuss:

* NetMotion’s heritage with session persistence
* The limits of the traditional remote access VPN
* How the NetMotion client provides visibility & policy flexibility
* Bringing a zero-trust approach to a traditional remote access environment
* Blending performance monitoring with security
* Adapting access policies for hybrid work environments
* More

Show Links:
Download the NetMotion SDP Report to see how a zero trust architecture  could fit into your organization. Go to to register and get your copy.
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 2020-10-27  46m