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Tech Bytes: How VMware Uses Machine Learning To Optimize vSAN (Sponsored)

Welcome to this Tech Bytes segment with sponsor VMware. We’re talking with Mike Wookey, CTO and VP or Cloud Management. Mike’s going to talk with us about real artificial intelligence and machine learning being put to use in vSAN cluster as part of the vRealize AI Cloud product, which you might remember being announced as Project Magna back in 2019.
Stay tuned as we dig right in and get to the heart of what the product actually does today and where it’s going tomorrow.
We discuss:

* How VMware integrates ML to optimize vSAN with vRealize AI Cloud
* Machine learning basics
* How operators should think about ML: as a consultant? Recommendation engine? An intern?
* Extending vRealize AI Cloud to other VMware products
* More

Show Links:
vRealizeAI Cloud – VMware
Self-Driving Data Center | vRealize AI Cloud – VMware
Realize the AI / ML Fundamentals of the Self-Driving Datacenter with vRealize AI Cloud  – VMware


 2020-10-28  15m