Sugar Coated Murder

Two sisters discussing true crime murders while baking in the kitchen and sharing recipes and so much more (sorry Mom)


episode 46: SCM EPI#37 OctoBoo series [OBX hauntings]

Karen and Anne welcome special guests, MaryP and Sarah, to the final installment of the OctoBoo series. 



Both guests bring their A Games and break out chilling ghost stories from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, also known as the Nags Head area.  First, Mary Patrick gives the creepy tale of how T.I. Daniels came to haunt the building where the restaurant the Black Pelican sits today.  T.I. was notorious for giving his boss, James Hobbes a very hard time back in the 1800s.  They were employed as Surf Men at one of the Life Saving Stations along the coastline.  Poor investigator Clayton showed up to look into some shenanigans, but was pulled into a horrible scene of mayhem and murder and cover-up.  An argument ensues and Hobbes eventually kills T.I. and the men bury him at sea and cover up the crime scene.

Next, Sarah tells us about Mr. Teach, who becomes the infamous pirate Black Beard.  She weaves a story of his pirating and plundering throughout the waters off the Outer Banks, and she even gives us some noble facts about him.  He was able to build quite a gang and a hearty ship, but, alas, his lack of honesty and antics of never-ending plundering get him captured by the Virginia Navy.  When he is finally caught, the jig is up and his head comes off and that's how the haunting begins!




 2020-10-28  42m