Did You Reddit?

A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.



episode 160: r/commercialsihate, leave Lily from AT&T alone, and weaponized eyesight.

In this episode, DYR put their day jobs at risk to complain about Lexus ads. We all have a commercial or two we hate, and a commercial star we deeply crush on, and r/commercialsihate is the perfect outlet for the former. Plus, itsyerdad weaponized his eyeglasses to seek revenge on myfreeday for an unknown act of treason. This episode brought to you by Lexus, whose cars can successfully slip on bananas, or something. 

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 2020-10-29  1h55m