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Heavy Networking 547: Building And Monitoring A User-Centric Digital Experience With Catchpoint (Sponsored)

Today’s Heavy Networking show dives into Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) with sponsor Catchpoint. DEM describes a modern version of network monitoring and visibility. By taking a fresh look at the network APIs for data, and considering what can be achieved with modern software, we can do things we couldn’t do before.
Like what? Network monitoring is conventional enough, but Catchpoint’s DEM adds synthetic testing to help you isolate the problem (i.e. the network or the application), while endpoint agents provide details on device state such as CPU, memory, and WiFi strength.
The result is visibility across multiple domains (applications, the WAN, the local network, and the device), with correlated information served up in a single interface. This kind of visibility is always useful, but it’s especially compelling when employees are working from anywhere, and network engineers and IT admins have to maintain network and application performance across systems they may not own or control.
Joining us today from Catchpoint are Nik Koutsoukos, CMO; and Tony Ferelli, VP Operations.
We discuss:

* How Catchpoint integrates synthetic transactions with network telemetry
* Measuring end point performance as well as global testing of SaaS and premises applications
* Using Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) to enhance troubleshooting and establish MTTI
* The role of DEM for supporting a distributed workforce
* How Catchpoint differentiates itself from competitors
* More

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 2020-10-30  50m