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Strategic patience and pressure when preparing a launch

Strategic patience and pressure when preparing a launch is the topic and touch point for s8. E4. n127. of the Wait What Really OK brand messaging podcast.

There are thousands out there ready to share their perfect ways to launch your business, service, podcast, product, brand and what not. The problem with many of these methods is that they often times take a limited view of the elements and metrics that go in to a solid launch.

The right launch includes an array of factors. In these factors, it may require a greater patience than some are used to in certain areas, while at the same time, a push to move a little more expediently than they might prefer.

And while the world is full of motivational success books from top tier CEO’s all the way down to false prophets that took a course online and now market themselves as success gurus, there is no one correct formula.

This can even come down to the delivery and performance of your message to investors to media and to others.

“Sometimes the messaging and story are right where they need to be, but the issue is in the performance and delivery of that story and that message. The melody, tone, dynamics and tempo can be everything in a delivery.”

Consider that this may be a greater road for you to take over using limited intelligence, expired truths or personal opinions that may not reflect the landscape around you.

This brand messaging podcast is available in the links below and on most sites, stations and apps where you may like to listen to podcasts.

The Brand Messaging Podcast Wait What Really OK is available on most sites, stations and apps where you may like to listen to podcasts.
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Strategic patience and pressure when preparing a launch


 2020-11-01  23m