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episode 380: 23 Essential Tracks For November | Dirty Disco 380

Once again it’s lovely to see you here on the music blog and listening to the 380th music show of Dirty Disco. I hope everybody is doing good in these strange times and you’ll manage to keep your head up at all times. Times are rough, insecurities are everywhere. Therefore I once again hope to please and inspire you with this new selection of 23 essential tracks for November.

23 essential tracks for november.

This week’s music mix selection is full of quality electronic music from names like: Sound Support (the new alias from Lorenz Rhode & Lars Dales from Detroit Swindle) Crackazat dropped an amazing album on the Z Records label run by head honcho Joey Negro. DJ Metatron a.k.a. Traumprinz, a.k.a. DJ Healer is back under a new moniker ‘DJ Phantasy’ and drops his amazing Ibiza pt 1 and pt 2 albums. Austin Ato serves up some proper Beach Disco House and the Dutch Kraak & Smaak was called up for remix duties on a track by Adeline. Next tot his there is so much more in this week’s selection of 23 essential tracks for November.

* 23 new tracks all mixed together into one 2 hour during DJ mix, which can also be found as a DJ only mix, without the presentation here.* Among the 23 essential tracks for November are 4 new albums.* 1 Promo release.* 11 tracks are next to digital formats also available on vinyl.* And there are 3 remixes on originals.

Track listing Dirty Disco 380.

At anytime you can use the tracklist here below to find your favorite music or to use it as a guide when you listen to the music radio show. Feel free to share it on your socials to pass the inspiration in quality house music to your friends. As an alternative you can also check out the official Dirty Disco Spotify playlist and find the tracks listed there.

ArtistTrack titleEP / AlbumRecord LabelEP / Album?Rel DateVinyl?GeorgesDownedRoller ClusterFrappéEP23-10-20LanowaRed DaysSeven SeasCitizens Of ViceEP23-10-20CrackazatCrystal EyesPeriod Works – The AlbumZ RecordsAlbum16-10-20AdelineAfter Midnight (Kraak & Smaak Extended Remix)Boogie Beats Vol 2Boogie AngstAlbum16-10-20Limited12”ScruscruS For Sexy EditBoogie Beats Vol 2Boogie AngstAlbum16-10-20Limited12”Gari Romalis & Lello Di FrancoN Syde OutMetro HeatEsuohEP16-10-20Soul ClapLet Go (Soul Clap MoMo Respect Mix)Soul Clap Edits From The VautlsBandcampAlbum16-10-20ShakaTheme From The RiverwalkTheme From The RiverwalkLocal TalkEP2-10-20Limited12”Art Of TonesCameo MaceoRoller ClusterFrappéEP23-10-20Ten FingerzStereojazzRoller ClusterFrappéEP23-10-20Austin AtoTonyEcho Beach Edits Vol 1Pantai PeopleEP23-9-2012”CrackazatWhat You’re FeelingPeriod Works – The AlbumZ RecordsAlbum16-10-20TiteknotsOn My MindBoogie Beats Vol 2Boogie AngstAlbum16-10-20Limited12”Sound SupportStab By StabStab By StabInternasjonalEP26-1-2012”Austin AtoBobbyEcho Beach Edits Vol 1Pantai PeopleEP23-9-2012”Sound SupportCatwalkStab By StabInternasjonalEP26-1-2012”The PhantasySurfingTraumprinz aka The Phantasy – Ibiza Pt 2Album20-10-202×12”The PhantasyMy WeekendTraumprinz aka The Phantasy – Ibiza Pt 2Album20-10-202×12”Moon BootsI Can BoogiePure Moons Vol 2BandcampEP9-10-20Moon BootsReach The StarsPure Moons Vol 2BandcampEP9-10-20DjokoDaylightLesson 1RutilanceEP15-11-2012”2XM & Sch...


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