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Tired of wondering where your next lead will come from? What if you had a reliable, and predictable, source of new potential customers coming into your sales funnel each month? This is Predictable Prospecting and here I'll show you how some of the best sales leaders in the industry are creating consistent, and measurable procedures to bring in fresh, qualified leads to their sales funnels each and every month.


Episode 154: Authentic Persuasion - Jason Cutter

What is authentic persuasion? How do you build a rapport with a prospect? What does empathy have to do with making a sale? These are some of the questions that today’s guest will answer. Jason Cutter is the founder and CEO of Cutter Consulting Group and the author of the book Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker. Listen in to today’s episode to hear Jason talk about his book, the persuasion framework, and how to blend urgency, empathy, and rapport when talking to a prospect. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How Jason came up with the title of his book
  • Where to start becoming more authentic and persuasive
  • How you add value in sales
  • Where Jason was before he got into sales
  • The sales success fundamentals that every sales conversation has to have
  • The persuasion framework
  • Methods for building rapport
  • Active listening
  • Blending urgency with rapport and empathy
  • Finding out why the person wants to buy
  • How intangibles factor into the sale
  • What authenticity and persuasion have to do with the referral process
  • Where listeners can learn more about Jason


Jason Cutter

Cutter Consulting Group

Selling With Authentic Persuasion: Transform from Order Taker to Quota Breaker


 2020-11-03  40m