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episode 113: Create Your Own Serendipity

More than ever, the tech industry is re-thinking how work gets done and how great ideas come to light when people are no longer linked by their physical location. In this episode, we have frank but hopeful conversations with Deldelp Medina of Black & Brown Founders and Michael Berhane of People Of Color In Tech. They talk about the ongoing work of building intentional communities in tech and modeling what it means to truly trust and support each other.

Show Notes

"Duty Calls," the famous XKCD comic - 00:18

"How Remote Work Could Destroy Silicon Valley" (Marker) — 00:40

"'Rich people leave, artists and queerdos return': is San Francisco's tech exodus real or a fantasy?" (The Guardian) - 1:09

Deldelp Medina on LinkedIn | Twitter - 2:07

Black & Brown Founders website | Twitter | Instagram - 2:10

History Channel article on the 1978 murders of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk - 2:41

PBS article on Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple in Guyana - 2:46

Ruth Asawa - 5:15

BMUG (Berkeley Macintosh Users Group) - 6:34

Michael Berhane on LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram - 11:26

POCIT (People Of Color In Tech) website | Twitter | Instagram - 11:29

POCIT newsletter - 17:39

Techish podcast - 17:50

Techish co-host Abadesi Osunsade - 17:58

The Lean Startup - 20:20

Aniyia Williams - 25:51