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Friends in Your Ears 64: Kacey and Sarah

We’re leaning into the morbid, the painful, and the metaphysical this week, but don’t worry, with Kacey, Sarah, and Kathy holding our hand, we’ll come out the other side all the better for it. As always, the bonus question is the perfect palate cleanser to chew on until the next episode.

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Host Kathy Campbell with Kacey and Sarah

Show Notes & Links Tell Me About Yourself Kacey
  • @CultVaultPod
  • The Cult Vault Podcast
  • @BreathingWindPodcast Instagram
  • Breathing Wind Facebook Page
  • Breathing Wind Podcast
How did you start listening to podcasts? Kacey
  • Forensic Files (Netflix)
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
  • This American Life
What made you want to start making them? Kacey
  • The Cult Vault Episode #7: Zendik Farms
    • Helen Zuman
      • Mating In Captivity Book
  • Breathing Wind Podcast
What is currently playing? Kacey
  • Necronomipod
    • Rock Theriault and the Anthill Kids Episode
  • The Cult Of Trump Book
  • The Michelle Obama Podcast
    • Across Generations: Michelle Obama and her Mentees Episode
Favorite podcasts Kacey
  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast
  • Crime Junkie Podcast
  • The Dossier Podcast
  • Research Podcasts
    • Terrible, Thanks For Asking Podcast
    • We Are Tomorrow’s Ancestors
    • You’re Going to Die Podcast
    • Death, Sex & Money Podcast
  • All Time Podcasts
    • On Being Podcast
    • Serial Podcast
      • Undisclosed Podcast


 2020-11-06  43m