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episode 3: The Ace Pod 3.2: Human Performance

This episode, as always, is brought to you by the law offices of E. Jason Blankenship, who may be socially distanced from the courthouse but is still taking on clients. You can find his new website here.

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SEGMENT ONE: THE HARBAUGH NARRATIVEWe don’t feel anymore, so we soberly assess how Jim Harbaugh’s Michigan tenure can/should be viewed. There are too many facets of college coaching to oversimplify matters but a couple consistent themes come up.


A discussion of what traits we’re looking for in the next football coach—if we’re looking for specific traits at all. Offensive guy or defensive guy? Established P5 coach or young up-and-comer? Perhaps both? The pod has picked a favorite candidate it didn’t expect to collectively choose but now we’re chanting SOUP SOUP SOUP.


Ruminating on the coordinations. Where does Michigan stand in terms of talent in the Big Ten? We don’t think salvaging the 2021 class should factor into a Harbaugh firing decision. Our sponsor cursed it, don’t blame us. A quick discussion of our favorite non-revenue sports and the barriers to actually following them.

We display a terrifying amount of faith in Rutgers and Maryland (against the spread, at least) this week. Dan betrays the Bajakian Revolution.


Alex Cook jumps in to talk about Moussa Diabate and the rest of the 2021 class. We also discuss the class fit with Hunter Dickinson and whether this year’s team may rely too much on the freshman center. Alex is now the show’s good vibes guy. Sorry, Connor.


  • “Human Performance” — Parquet Courts
  • “Salt in the Soup” — Poets of Rhythm
  • “Player’s Ball” — Outkast


 2020-11-11  1h44m