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episode 11: Interview with Paradox COO Charlotta Nilsson - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to Paradox Podcast!

Today, we’re joined by Paradox Interactive’s COO Charlotta Nilsson, for a 40 minute long interview!
We talk about the role of a COO at Paradox, the challenges in managing operations in a video games industry vs other fields and engage in a gratuitous rant about Star Wars Squadrons!

0:15 - Introduction
2:03 - Ranting about Star Wars Squadrons
5:42 - Who is Charlotta Nilsson? 
9:55 - What does the COO do? 
21:59 - What is different about managing company operations in the games industry? 
25:23 - How does the games industry compare to others? 
34:21 - Tips from the COO for managing company operations during a pandemic
38:34 - Wrapping up

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Thank you for listening! See you in the next episode!

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 2020-11-12  39m