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episode 9: WTKA Roundtable 11/12/2020: A Gym, A Room, and Some Food

Things discussed:

  • Basketball recruiting: We love Frankie Collins trying to dunk on Chet Holmgren. We love 5-stars.
  • First come first served: when Houstan committed Chet gave them a call.
  • Juwan Howard has a Villanova model going: Tschetter and Barnes and Collins and Bufkin to grow and Houstans and Diabates to win now.
  • Craig discusses 1950s pro wrestling, which we don't know why this is good news, but it's not talking about football.
  • Offense vs Indiana: GO TO THE EDGES? Joe Milton: fine. Michigan doesn't know who they are anymore. Why is Honigford at tight end not tackle. Where are the reads? Why are you taking Mason off the table? RUN THE QUARTERBACK! SCREEN!
  • Ronnie Bell's breakout: repeatable?
  • Defense vs Indiana: Everything comes back to they can't cover Man. Guys are at least in position to contest but they don't play the ball well, intercept, take advantage of their positioning.
  • Wisconsin: Who's getting off the bus? Graham Mertz?
  • Wisconsin defense: Gonna bring guys and not let you run. Weakness in the secondary can be exploited but it won't be because we don't scout our opponents.



 2020-11-12  50m