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episode 59: FOW059 – Language, Dialect & Nationalism in China (with Gina Tam) [EN]

  • Gina Tam
    • Twitter
    • Website
  • Gina’s book
    • Freely available first chapter (access to the entire book for some university libraries)
  • Blog article: What Makes a Language Policy Revolutionary?
  • FOW episode #41 on Chinese rap music with Lauren Texeira
  • fangyan 方言: not quite “dialect”, not quite translatable
  • Chao Yuen Ren
  • Different ways to represent the sounds of Chinese without writing Chinese characters:
    • Wade-Giles
    • Bopomofo
    • Pinyin
  • The Great Leap Forward


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Photo: First Putonghua teaching achievement exhibition in 1958 via Age of Revolutions

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 November 12, 2020  n/a