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Migrate and modernize your .NET applications on Azure

Azure App Service hosts over 2M web apps with a fully-managed app hosting platform for .NET, Node, Python, and Java web apps. In this episode, Gaurav Seth shows Scott Hanselman what's new in Azure App Service. Gaurav demos the new Premium V3 Plan with newer and faster hardware and lower pricing, ability to save costs with the new Reserved Instance Pricing, how to migrate ASP.NET apps with OS dependencies using Windows Containers, and briefly discusses the upcoming App Service Environment v3.

[0:00:00]– Overview
[0:00:23]– What's new in App Service
[0:04:05]– Premium V3 Plan with Windows Containers GA
[0:07:10]– Reserved Instance Pricing and other cost savings
[0:08:13]– App migration demo
[0:13:31]– Networking capabilities in Windows Containers
[0:15:56]– Azure Front Door with Web Application Firewall
[0:18:20]– App Service Environment v3 & wrap-up

  • Download the Migration Assistant for your .NET and PHP Apps
  • Zero to Hero with App Service blog post series
  • Migrate, Modernize .NET applications on Azure (Ignite 2020)
  • Continuous Deployment for Windows Containers with GitHub Actions
  • Deploy a website to Azure with Azure App Service
  • Create a free account (Azure)


 2020-11-13  19m