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A Song of Heroes and Murderers

Game of Thrones fans, this is for you! Because it'll get bloody. And treacherous. We take a look at the German epic "The Song of the Nibelungs" and try to untangle the mess of love, hate, betrayal and war that it contains. And we'll look at one of the first baddies in German literary history: Hagen of Tronje, who seems to be all sorts of things: loyal vasall, treacherous schemer and ruthless politician (GOT character comparisons in the comments are welcome, btw). Tune in!

Music by Fasan, Kevin McLeod, Paul Arden-Taylor, Elizabeth Wright & Malcolm Peake, Maurice Ravel played by Luis Sarro, Tomas Luis de Victoria, Scott Holmes, Chris Zabriskie, Guillaume de Machaut, Franz Liszt, Kelly Latimore, Kai Engel and Pierce Murphy. All songs can be found here. Please consider supporting us on Patreon! It would mean a lot to us.

Image: Hagen von Tronje im Nibelungenzyklus, Marmorpalais Potsdam. (CC-BY-SA von viborg~commonswiki / Wikipedia)


 2016-04-01  17m