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#ConvinceCat, Our Undecided Voter

Last week on the Brian Lehrer Show, a caller named Cat said she donated to both Bernie Sanders' and Hillary Clinton’s campaigns but she can’t decide who to vote for in the primary. Today, Cat’s back and she’s all ears!

Listeners called in to convince Cat of their candidate. And you can keep your persuasions coming via Twitter using the hashtag #ConvinceCat.

Tweet #ConvinceCat

.@BrianLehrer#convincecat See picture. Also, want to go for a glass of wine to discuss in more than 140 characters?

— annie b shapero (@anniedivino) April 12, 2016


— Sam Alhajari (@samhajari) April 12, 2016

@samhajari@BrianLehrer: @HillaryClinton’s long answer shows her understanding and careful thought re this complicated issue. #ConvinceCat

— Phil Kalina (@pkalina) April 12, 2016

@BrianLehrer How would you know if something is or isn't possible without ever trying? Vote for what you want, not what you will settle for!

— Tim S (@testys37) April 12, 2016

@BrianLehrer#convincecat Look at their respective webpages on HOW they'd reform Social Security. I think that's a softball. Wonky. Yes :)

— antonio (@antonio_ortiz) April 12, 2016

Thank you Cat. This is really hard for me too! I appreciate your putting yourself in the limelight. #convinceCat@BrianLehrer

— Allison Scola (@allisonscola) April 12, 2016


 2016-04-12  22m