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New Jersey Transit Eavesdrops on Your Commute

Your next conversation on a New Jersey Transit train might be recorded.

New surveillance measures include adding video and audio recording devices to some light rail trains, intended to deter and track criminal behavior.

Jeanne LoCicero, the deputy legal director of NJ's American Civil Liberties Union, discussed the rising concerns over passenger privacy. While NJ Transit says this decision is partly in response to recent surveys about security, LoCicero said it did not ask its riders specifically about the use of audio.

And Len Resto, president of the New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers, joined to discuss. 

@BrianLehrer If bugging @NJTRANSIT causes all the cars to become self selecting, quasi-quiet cars, it's fine by me.

— JKAL (@jameskalan) April 12, 2016

Ok I am fine with having video cameras in public places but adding audio recording too? That's not fine. @BrianLehrer

— Sébastien F. Déjean (@Sebz1291) April 12, 2016

@BrianLehrer the light rail can be a scary place. I'm all for more security

— Piotr (@666piotr666) April 12, 2016

@bcrosbie@brianlehrer correct, I implemented some software that automatically generates text from complex conversations. This IS happening.

— Nathan (@ntableman) April 12, 2016

@BrianLehrer If cams are recording video, recording audio might help clarify what is going on in video. What may look aggressive may be play

— Henry Bottjer (@HenryBottjer) April 12, 2016


 2016-04-12  24m