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episode 34: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Paradise Lost - Episode 3

It is the year 2015 and the world is in peril as creatures known as "Angels" attack mankind in an attempt to be part of God's judgement against man.  Our EVA pilots are reeling from the death of one of their own and prepare to be debriefed at the NERV 1st branch. The team is sent to retrieve "samples" at Yellowstone national park before heading off to Massachusetts and that could very well determine the future of the US EVA program. How does this discovery change the future that has been foretold in the Dead sea scrolls for humanity? What draws our pilots to the partially underwater city of Los Angeles?

Prepare for LCL injection, this is NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: Paradise Lost

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Terrible Warriors:

Mike Dodd Julian Spillane Conal MacBeth Erika Szabo Scott Bordas Brendan Frye


 2014-04-14  1h4m