Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.



episode 2: Video Game Expendables - Part 2

In the Second episode Birdman, Steve, Laura and Laidman travel to the next world after narrowly escaping the ire of Lord Dracula and receiving a gift instead, a strange ball of light handed to Commander Shepard (Dodd) as a gift. Now as they quickly catch up to the destroyer they come across more and more ruined worlds as they near his home world and the truth of his identity. Can the Terrible Warriors defeat this unmatched evil? Click to play to find out.

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Terrible Warriors:

Mike "Birdman" Dodd

Steve "Snowball" Saylor

Mike "The Fist Of Justice" Laidman

Laura "LT" Thomas

Big Mike from The 404s



 2012-10-12  1h0m