Terrible Warriors

Terrible Warriors is an actual-play podcast all about the enjoyment of playing Tabletop RPGs. No matter if you have played them all your life, or have never picked up a d20, we’re here to show that anyone and everyone can play.



Year One - Star Wars: Leviathan

The Terrible Warriors are on vacation!
We'll return in September with all new campaigns to enjoy and share but for now we're going to go to the wayback machine and bring back some of our favourite campaigns from the first year of Terrible Warriors....

Tonight These Warriors are Terrible take on The Star Wars RPG 2nd Edition Revised and Expanded from West End Games. Watch as Mike “Birdman” Dodd, Steve Saylor, Justin Ecock, with new players Julian Spillane and Erika Szabo take on the Empire in the fall of the first Death Star this group of rebels travel to take on an Imperial weapons depo, fly a starship that might as well be cursed…and sing. There’s a lot of singing.

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Terrible Warriors: Mike "Birdman" Dodd, Steve "Snowball" Saylor, Justin Ecock, Julian Spillane and Erika Szabo



 2017-08-15  4h58m