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episode 33: Neon Genesis Evangelion: Paradise Lost - Episode 2

It is the year 2015 and the world is in peril as creatures known as "Angels" attack mankind in an attempt to be part of God's judgement against man. The United Nations wishes to test the intergrity of the US based Evangelion program and have set up a test against the japanese dummy plug data of Shinji,Rei and Asuka. A simulated battle is what will settle who has the right to defend the human race from certain annhilation. The pilots under NERV commander Jordan know what is at stake but will they be able to succed against the best defense the Earth has against the Angels? Lelia,Scotty,Margot and Zack and their Jet-alone fighter jock Andy prepare to be tested and have all thier training and skills put to the final test in front of the UN and Doctor Ritsuko Akagi.

Prepare for LCL injection, this is NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: Paradise Lost

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Terrible Warriors:

Mike Dodd Julian Spillane Conal MacBeth Erika Szabo Scott Bordas Brendan Frye


 2014-04-07  1h7m