Phillydogs Revue

Multi genre mixes straight outta New Orleans courtesy of DJ Alski. All podcasts on the fly.


episode 23: Phillyn Dogs Revue 11 21 20

1 The Hawk Big Boss Man 03:28 Winner 2 Dim Star of the Palisades Birds of Chicago 02:59 Real Midnight 3 Drown Yourself The Staple Singers 04:43 Be What You Are (Stax LP STS-3015) 4 Weep For Me Brown Sugar feat. Clydie King 03:11 Tears Full Of Soul CD1 5 Let Me Go Girl Slim Smith & The Uniques 02:48 Reggae - Bunny 'Striker' Lee-3 6 I Can't Do Without You Doris Duke 02:11 I'm A Loser 7 Baby Turn Your Head Jimmy Dotson 02:48 Inside Out Of Country Soul 8 The Weight Shifted (To My Side) Delores Hall 03:32 Hall-Mark 9 Woman, What Do You Be Doing Eddie & Ernie 02:34 Lost Friends 10 Needle In A Haystack The Velvelettes 02:33 Go Girl! Soul Sisters Tellin' It Like It Is 11 Quiet! Do Not Disturb Bobby Patterson 02:04 It's Just A Matter Of Time 12 Court of Love Durand Jones & The Indications 03:45 American Love Call 13 Middle of Love (with The Leo Green Orchestra) (Live at the Royal Festival Hall) Beverley Knight;The Leo Green Orchestra 05:07 BK25: Beverley Knight (with The Leo Green Orchestra) (At the Royal Festival Hall) 14 You've Got My Soul On Fire The Temptations 03:54 1990 15 Bookie To The Bank Matumbi 02:51 Point Of View 16 11 Rationality The Tibbs 02:59 Another Shot Fired 17 War Is Coming War 06:51 Barrio Nuevo: Latin Funk, Rock 18 Brother Pacific Express 05:01 Township Grooving - Afro Rock, Soul and Fusion from 70s South Africa 19 The Other Side of Town Curtis Mayfield 04:01 Curtis 20 Without Guns Dean Francis㥦 05:38 This Groove's For You 21 express yourself kahil el'zabar 03:58 kahil el’zabar’s america the beautiful 22 Rat Race (Radio Edit) Soothsayers 03:38 advance single 23 Started off as a dancer Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band 06:04 Rubber Orchestras 24 Mr. Diva Kaleta & Super Yamba Band 04:26 Mèdaho 25 All Blues Free Spirits Brass Band 03:24 New Verses Please 26 When You're Through feat. Spanky Wilson Quantic 04:38 Mishaps Happening 27 Verbal Penetration Jesse Johnson 04:36 Verbal Penetration Volume I & II 28 Black Sambuca The Grits 05:22 Make A Sound 29 You Ain't My Brother Soul Shakers 04:38 Movements - Vol I 30 Rock it Nils Landgren Funk Unit 02:54 FONK DA WORLD 31 Sledgehammer The Brand New Heavies 03:45 Sweet Freaks 32 i'm stone in love with you The Stylistics 03:22 Round 2 (1972)


 2020-11-21  2h0m