Real Synthetic Audio is the most listened to EBM and Industrial net-radio show.


RSA 11/23/2020

The experiment continues as I upload shows from our archives to YouTube every day on a schedule. Its interesting seeing what is flagged as utterly unplayable. Nothing is remotely monetized, and I'm quite glad that I'm helping to add micropayments to the artists (as well as plugging the discs here!)

Blutengel & Massive Ego - Nothing But A Void (Omnimar)
Mordacious - Harder
Solar Fake - This Pretty Life (Extended)
Atropine - Bulwark (Kant Kino)
K-Nitrate - Sub Creature
Ashbury Heights - Wild Eyes
Acylum - Sieg Oder Walhalla (SIN D.N.A.)
Beyond Obsession - Speaking Of A Devil (Ruined Conflict)


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