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MISSING: Charlene Downes

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The 25th of May is International Missing Children's Day, first initiated by Ronald Reagan in 1983 and is in place to not only bring awareness to the thousands of missing children worldwide, but to also honour organisations who put up a daily fight for these missing children. Whilst most children run away of their own accord, due to bullying or a poor family life, 1 in 5 are at risk of being sexually exploited. There are several charities based in the UK that work to support children and young adults. The Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre provide useful resources and advice to safeguard children against the dangers of sexual exploitation and online sexual abuse. Missing People is a well-known charity that works to support the families of people who have gone missing and also attempt to support the people who go missing too, by offering a listening ear if a child wants to confide in someone but doesn't trust or have anyone they can talk to. They try to provide advice to children who are considering going missing, but also act as a mediator for children who have run away and don't wish to talk to their families. Childline is run 24/7, provided by the NSPCC and is a service to provide advice and guidance to children who are suffering from domestic violence, abuse or who are considering running away from home.

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 2020-11-29  36m